THE FISH BAR & Restaurant

Imagine a place where daily fish tales are spun in clear view of a flat that will be visited by bonefish & permit.  With old friends, and those newly made. From every corner of the globe. Imagine a place that showcases the true art of fishing - every catch - large or small - to those young or old... Memorabilia and historical objects of lore that speaks to every anglers's passion. A place that immortalizes all these moments of glory forever on the wall of fame. There is such a place, and it is here at The Flats, welcome to The Fish Bar. 

Sip an ice cold beer or margarita while looking out over the Caribbean.

Here in the Fish Bar you will be served breakfast and dinner featuring authentic local cuisine and creative items from an ever changing menu.  Expect to eat a good amount of fresh local seafood in addition to our tried and true favorites.  You will eat family style with your group if you are on an inclusive trip.  If you are staying in the hotel we will feature a daily dinner special that will compliment our daily menu.


COMING FALL 2018                                                                                 COMING FALL 2018

Everything about The Fish Bar exudes the idea of fishing and the desires that lie within its pursuit.  Pictures, murals, paintings, maps, local art and more adorn the walls of the Fish Bar.

 The Fish Bar encourages the telling of stories, the organizing of plans, the recap of the many days great adventures.  Our fishing guests actually look forward to the end of their day and spending time in the Fish Bar with others sharing their many stories while viewing and inspecting the many fishing related aspects of the Fish Bar.  The Fish Bar is interactive with is periodicals, maps, books and numerous items to be held and examined.  Detailed laminated maps are on site to show our visiting anglers the fishery from Xcalak to Chetumal and beyond.  

Whether it be the Mantis Shrimp in a bottle of formaldehyde or the box of tarpon scales to inspect, the retired wall of flies and what they caught or reading over the fisherman's log filled in by each departing group.  

If there is one thing fishermen and women like to do before and after, its talk about fishing.  If there is one place high on the list of favorites where to do such talking, its at their favortie bar.  The Fish Bar is a Flats institution.  

The Fish Bar also features a guest Wall of Fame.  Here we will have a wall dedicated to our guests success.  Similar frames adorn the wall covered 100% by pictures of our guests.  We update the wall on a monthly basis and put priority to returning anglers and their upcoming weeks as to the pictures that are being displayed.

Playing in the Fish Bar are one of the more than 15 eclectic musical playlists that we have been creating for the past several years.  Musical playlists catered to the breakfast hour, lunch, dinner, happy hour, mariachi music, mexican music and more will enhance the pleasure of those spending time in the Fish Bar.

The Fish Bar, Dining Area and lodge balconies features state of the art insect repellents.  We are aware at how bug bites can hinder the experience of many guests to Xcalak and we have done the research aand have implimented large scale bug repellent systems to help curb the effects of biting bugs.

Spend the morning or evening at our fly tying station creating one of our many tried and true patters or coming up with the next best one!


Many dedicated fly fisherman love to tie flies before and during their trips to new and exotic destinations.  We have an area dedicated to our guests that are fly tiers.  The Flats provides the basics in necessities (Vice, bobbin, whip finish, scissors) and encourage our guests to bring a few of their own (Hooks, thread, materials).  We have on site small medicine bottles with local fly patterns and their natural (shrimp, crabs, bait fish) in formaldehyde for the tiers to inspect in detail as they create their patterns.


The Flats has an extensive library.  The library contains mostly fishing related books but will also have a large selection of informational books on local species, flora and fauna.