Here at The Flats we employ the absolute best guides that Xcalak has to offer.  The costs runs high for using the local independent guides, but its worth every peso.  We employe Xcalak local independent guides that have gone out and become independent and operate their own businesses allowing us to use them as independent contractors.  This allows for The Flats to be sure we are using the most knowledgeable and dedicated guides available in the region.  Using Xcalak's local independent guides allow us to have a large financial impact on the community of Xcalak, that is something we are dedicated to here at The Flats.


ALEJANDRO - Alejandro is second to none when it comes to customer service.  He is a great instructor and extremely patient.  In addition, he is one of the absolute best all around guides for every species with a high amount of success in chasing our elusive permit.  Alejandro has a few secret lagoons he knows of (Where he still wont tell me!) where our clients get opportunities at bonefish well in excess of 5#!

ANDREAS - Andreas is Victors son and is carrying on the family tradition at a very high level.  Andreas gets as excited as his clients do at their success!  Andreas works well with all clients and is an excellent instructor.  He is highly skilled at chasing all of our flats species and he provides excellent customer service. 

CHUCHO - Chucho excels in great control when poling his boat and is extremely efficient in his poling skills.  Chucho excels at finding and guiding his clients in to permit or any species they wish to chase.  Chucho provides a very high level of customer service.  Chucho has been fishing the waters of Xcalak for over 18 years.  

EVARISTO -   Evaristo is known for his amazing eyes and intuition when it comes to stalking permit.  Evaristo's is highly skilled in poling the boat with precision and always considering the fishing client with his boat location.  Evaristo is a permit specialist even having been called a "whisperer" by some of his clients.  Evaristo has been a guide in Xcalak for over 20 years. 

FELIPE -   Felipe served as apprentice for many years before branching out himself and becoming independent nearly 5 years ago.  Felipes enthusiasm for fishing and skills in poling the boat make him a great asset.  Felipe provides great customer service and loves to be out on the water guiding his clients.

 JOSE -   Jose has been fishing the waters of Xcalak for over 15 years.  Jose is highly skilled at fishing for all of our target species here in Xcalak and is reliable at locating all species day in and day out.  Jose can be a little quite for some clients.

MOISES (MOI) - Moi is one of our newest independent guides but comes to us with many years of experience.  His customer service is excellent and his eyes are to be trusted.  Moi has a bit more of a delicate approach with his clients which is appreciated. 

NATO - (Nah-Toe) Nato is an extremely seasoned guide in Xcalak.  His skills at finding permit are truly legendary.  Nato has been fishing the waters of Xcalak for over 25 years.  Nato is game for chasing any fish you wish.  His excitement and enthusiasm are noticeable from the moment you step on to his boat!

Here is a recent article written about a couple of days fishing with Nato.  

VICTOR -   Victor has been fishing the waters of Xcalak for over 25 years.  He is fluent in English and a great communicator with his clients.  Spending a day on the water with Victor is a true pleasure for his skills and customer service are excellent.

ALBERTO - Alberto is new to the independent guiding scene but in no way new to guiding Xcalak.  Alberto has served as a local fly fishing lodges lead guide for the past 10 years and becomes available to us here at The Flats with his going independent.  His customer service and skills at finding fish are legendary.