The best time for you to come fish in Xcalak is when you can come fish Xcalak.  In the 10 years I have been fishing here, I have had multiple Permit days in nearly all of the 12 calendar months.  With average daily temps of 76° in January (coldest month) and 83° (warmest month) in July and 300+ days of sun, Xcalak is comfortably waiting for you whenever it works for your schedule!


Fall – September, October & November

Quickly becoming the most popular season, October and November are becoming popular to enjoy beautiful sunny days, with nice breeze but low winds.  One of the “theories” is that the fish haven’t been getting chased regularly for a while and they are essentially in a good mood. Lot’s of local bonefish, permit and some baby tarpon. When weather is good this is a perfect time to fish, but rain might appear for one hour or two and disappear, or stay for 2-3 days. November marks the official end to Hurricane Season. 

Winter – December, January & February

December, January and February are dry months, offering many hours of sun. Plenty of bonefish, permit, tarpon and barracuda are around. Bonefish tend to congregate in larger schools at this time of year and there tend to be more of them around. Winter makes a perfect time to run away from the cold weather and be fishing in the Caribbean. Nights are cool at this time of year.  This time of the year might be windy if a cold front (Norte) comes from the north pass through the Caribbean. 

Spring – March, April & May

March, April & May have been the traditional peak season. In general, this time of the year weather is better, lots of sun and less winds, but sometimes we do have heavy winds and rain. Lots of permit on the flats. Pressure can be at its highest for the season and creativity is a must for our success.  

Summer – June, July & August

Low winds, clear water and lots of hungry fish. Combine that with the lowest, if any, fishing pressure of the year and you have a recipe for success. The fish have seen and heard less boats, they are not being cast at and are receiving much less pressure, if at all. Translation = Happy Fish. We LOVE our summer fishery and believe it remains so pristine because of two main reasons – 1 – This is prime time in our countries to the North to be there and be fishing, and  - 2  -  the heat, which is quickly remedied with a floor fan. This is Hurricane season and can also be the rainy season, so you might have some clouds and rain. Usually comes and goes in about hour or so. BUT, should you take a chance on the heat and come visit us in the summer, you will likely experience great weather and amazing fishing.


We are strong believers in the moon and its positive affect on the tides (and in turn fish behaviour) in Xcalak. You will notice while in Xcalak that the tides are nearly imperceptible. A one foot tide is considered a large tide in the Caribbean. In addition, the tides in the Bay can be driven by so many different elements, especially the wind. If your focus is Permit, the days leading up to the New and Full Moons should be factored in.

Here's a link to current tidal information for San Pedro, Belize (±10 mi away).